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Welcome To Movemint Physiotherapy
We Help You Find Long Lasting Relief & Get You Back To The Things You Love Doing!

Movemint Physio Dungannon

Ease Your Pain, Improve Your Movement And Even Improve Your Energy - Using The Same System I Used With International Athletes


We Aim to Find The True Cause Of Your Symptoms

We promise to NOT JUST focus on the symptoms and the site of pain, but ask the deeper question of what caused these to appear in the first place? We listen to your story and work together to understand what is going on. This is possible by using a systematic assessment developed in professional sport that looks at your body as a whole working unit. Below are the stages that you will likely progress through:


We Listen to your story and put the pieces of the puzzle together so we can help you understand Why this pain experience is affecting your daily life. 

Quick Movement Assessment 

We make sense of how you Move using our Specific assessments so we can get straight to the Source of the problem.

Clear Explanation & Set A Plan For Lasting Relief

We Explain your problem simply without the need to overcomplicate things. After listening carefully to you, we’ll Design a plan for complete clarity on What you need to do next and How to get back to what’s most important for you.

Hands On Treatment & Movements

We Relieve unwanted tension in your muscles and Ease your pain quickly using hands-on treatment techniques (if appropriate for you) and other fasting acting movements that before now only professional athletes knew about. 

Progressive, Movements That Build Momentum 

We support you through your Movement plan that gets you back to feeling good again. We help you find ways to fit these movements around your current lifestyle and continue to make even more progress between sessions. 

24/7 Video Access To Your Exercises 

Stop exercise flare ups by having us support you every step of the way with exercises at your fingertips. Allowing complete peace of mind that you’re doing them correctly and maximising value, support and progress between sessions.

Building Resilience To Stress Through Strength

As the pain eases and your confidence improves, we build help you build even more strength so you can feel secure about your body and mind again. This is the most important part of the program that many healthcare professionals overlook and can have devastating consequences. It is the part of the plan that allows professional athletes to return quickly but safely to their sport without breaking down again. 

Don't Take Our Word For It

“Ally is like no other physio! After years of different physios, osteos and bowen therapy, I continued to have problems with my back. He has such a good understanding of how the body works and was able to show me techniques that really helped. Not only did my back get better but I am now even stronger.”


Top class facility and a very high level of treatment! Highly recommend anyone looking for a physio to check out Movemint Physiotherapy.


“Would highly recommend Movemint Physiotherapy! My physiotherapist was very professional & very good at what he does. Explains the why & how & the aftercare is continuous.”



Movemint Physiotherapy 
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